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A bachelor party that you’ll remember all your life shouldn’t be at all like the ones they show in movies. There are way better ideas that are easier to put into practice, as well.

Useful advice for organizing an unforgettable bachelor party

If you watched The Hangover and Bachelor Party, you’re probably not thinking of the bachelor party itself, but at its messy outcomes. All this type of movies use the same party gone wrong script. However, those who’ve lived this experience know that the reality is different, more on the chill side, although you don’t really plan it to be this way.

This is the reason why, instead of suggesting you to go on a trip to Las Vegas or throw a surprise party, we’ll offer you practical ideas that will, most likely, be appreciated by all of your friends. 

Before anything else, you have to know who’s organizing the party. Usually, it’s the best man together with the groom. Another important aspect to consider is the budget of the event. There’s an unwritten rule that the participants (except for the groom, of course) split the cost of the bachelor party. 

Here are other essential details to take into account in order to organize a great bachelor party.

  • There hasn’t actually have to be a party; the last hangout as a bachelor can also be a city break, going to an erotic massage parlor, going for a swim and so on. 
  • The bachelor party shouldn’t take place a few days before the wedding; schedule it earlier. Otherwise, the groom’s best friends will still be tired on the wedding day. 
  • Considering that the participants usually split the cost of the event, avoid extravagant ideas that some of the guys might not afford. 
  • Book the space where the party will take place well ahead and don’t forget to let everyone know about the type of the event and its program. 
  • Don’t organize everything all by yourself; ask the other guys to help with nice surprises and fun speeches. 
  • Unless the bachelor party is a wine testing, make sure to book the drinks ahead, as well. This is crucial if you have less conventional beverages on the list.

Bachelor party ideas

Let’s say that, together with the groom, you agreed on the first details (participants, budget, if you want an actual party or not, and so on), but you didn’t decide on the type of the event. 

We compiled a list with some awesome ideas that you can tailor taking the participants’ preferences into account.

A weekend in a fun city

Forget about Las Vegas and book your flights to Amsterdam, Bucharest, Berlin, London or Eivissa (Ibiza).

Hiking trip

Get your camping equipment ready and go on a fun hiking trip. There are plenty of wild, beautiful places that you’ll discover together with the guys.

Fancy barbecue

If you and your friends are often hosting barbecue parties, fancy things up a bit. Rent a limousine and head to the most elegant restaurant in your city that serves Argentinian or Italian stakes.

With these recommendations and ideas on hand, it will be easy peasy to organize an amazing bachelor party. Have lots of fun!

Let’s face it: Threesome dating is no longer a new thing, in fact, many couples out there have opted for it as the means to spice up sex life and do away with boredom of having a regular same sex partner. Thanks to technology, these days, it easier to connect with a partner through threesome dating Apps. There are many such apps, but the following are the most reliable and trustworthy ;

1. Tinder

This is one of the popular threesome apps which has turned to be a favourite app for many couples. Finding a third is not an easy task as it may appear. Tinder App is user-friendly, and by just signing up for their account, you’re a step closer to finding a potential partner. The app is designed in a way to let the user access information of the interested partner by just clicking at their profile and from there start a conversation which will hopefully enable them to find a third threesome partner.

2. 3somer

3somer App is another perfect choice when it comes to threesome dating. The good thing about the app,  is that it lets you specify your sexual orientation in your profile, and this enables you to attract the right people and get into craziest sex fantasies with them.

3. SDC

This App has won the hearts of swingers and couples looking for threesome. The App has a map feature which clearly shows how far you are from the partners who match your interest. Moreover, this app is specifically for people looking for a threesome, and so you don’t have to keep on explaining what exactly you want because everyone here is looking for a sex partner.

The good thing about this app is Live Chat. Once you have identified the potential partner, you can call or chat with them to avoid feeling awkward during the first meeting.


Lucky App enables you to hook up with people in the same locality with you. It possible to create a couple of profile or just for yourself and find out the potential matches in your location. The App is very user-friendly since you don’t have to connect it with facebook account, phone number or even an email account and this helps you to have a large pool of partners to choose.


Feeld provides multiple sexual orientations, which makes it easier for one to easily link up with a third or with a couple looking for threesome. The app is very discretely such that your social media friends are not in a position to know who you are dating.

The above are the best threesome apps, which you can use to meet, flirt and date a partner you have ever desired to have in your life and explore sex without limitations.

A threesome is a sexual relationship or event that occurs within a group of 3 people. There is no specific set of rules to make the threesome the right way. The important thing is that there are 3 participants. Usually, it involves you, your current partner, and someone else of any gender. Looking for a third person for threesome can be easy or hard. Participants in the threesome can MMF threesome, MW4M. Sometimes people post personal ads when they search for a third participant. Threesome can consist of two men and one woman, or two women and one man. Homosexuality is made up of three people of the same sex.

Where do you get a third participant?

Some people have acquaintances and friends in the threesome, but for those who do not want to risk destroying a friendship, there are other options. Personal online ads are an excellent way to attract potential candidates, although you may want to examine them first. Threesome websites can be clubbed. Bars and parties are more direct ways to invite a third person. But you should be careful with your security and privacy.

Pros of having a threesome.

* For those looking for small sex in their sexuality, having threesome sex can be a great experience. You can learn a lot about your sex life, as well as about things you like/don’t want your bed partners.

* It’s an exciting way to achieve your sexual fantasies. That is especially true for those who are in their university’s experimental sexual stages. It is also true for those who feel that these stages have been lost when they were younger.

* Bisexual people can enjoy threesome sex with couples of both genders.

* If you are a guest in a threesome, you may have fun being the center of attention. After all, you’re fulfilling sexual fantasies as a couple!

Who will be your best threesome dating partner?

The best partner is the one who cares about you.

As with most sexual activities, safe sex is best. You may not be very sure about the sexual activities of all participants. While the act itself poses an alarming risk, neglecting your health care can have serious consequences.

Your best partner is not in your workplace.

It is a horrible idea to get into threesome sex with people in your workplace. Office conflicts are sturdy enough and expect threesome to be uncomfortable and painful.

The best partner is the person who feels comfortable with the activity.

If you and your partner are considering participating in threesome sex, make sure you are comfortable. There will be negative emotional consequences if one partner does so to please the other. Communicate your expectations and concerns with each other before deciding on a threesome. Try to understand your partners and talk about what you like more from your threesome.