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Men love oral sex. The union of your hot and wet lips with the texture of your tongue is enough to drive you crazy when your penis has contact with them. However, many couples do not practice oral sex with such regularity, and only do it on special occasions.

We assure you that including fellatio as one of your regular sexual routines, you can light the flame of your nighttime encounters in a way you can’t imagine. Oral sex creates an instant, deep, and playful bond between the two of you, and it allows you to feel very sexy.

Let your mouth be the star of the night, and we assure you that he will love it.

Movements for you

Darkness can increase your pleasure: Many of us have problems and prejudices that prevent us from getting carried away and enjoying oral sex position. If this sounds familiar to you, turn off the lights. With less distraction, it will be easier for you to concentrate.

The suction also works down there: Some women complain that they have a hard time reaching the climax when they do an oral since they do not apply enough pressure. Ask him to try better to suck your clitoris. It will be more intense.

Many areas, many orgasms: Being stimulated in multiple areas will help you reach the climax faster. So, while you are using your tongue, suggest that you play with your nipples. For example, you can tighten them a bit as you approach orgasm. Test it.

Chilling can be very hot: Your temperature increases little by little while you are more excited, so anything refreshing will be an impact of pleasure for your senses.

Getting on top also works: You do not have to lie down to receive an oral. Put it on and then put it over your mouth. It will give you control over the place and the movement, which will make it easier for you to reach an orgasm, and it can be very erotic for a man to have you so, but so close.

Movements for him

If you are worried that it is too big for your mouth: Here is a trick that will give you the illusion that it is entirely inside: place the tip of your tongue on your palate, and then put your member under your tongue. It is just how to perform oral sex video.

There is a place where you have never licked it: The hole in the tip of your penis is super sensitive. Put the advice of your tongue in that place and apply some pressure. It’s such a specific point; you probably have not realized the potential it has to feel pleasure, so you’ll love the fact that you’ve discovered it.

Some pressure can be useful: Due to the different textures of the penis, the part that joins the trunk with the head can be sensitive. Cover your teeth with your lips and place them in this part. Apply some pressure (as if you were crushing a fruit), then release it and repeat. The movement stimulates the nerves and then relaxes them, which feels pretty good.

There is a digital oral: Are you looking for a new way to give pleasure to your frenulum (better known as your F point or the piece of skin that lies below your penis, which connects the trunk with the head)? Put your fingertips in this section and then put it in your mouth (also with your fingers). While moving your mouth up and down, rub your fingers at their point F.

Do not abandon “your friends”: While you play with your lips around his penis, use one hand to stroke his testicles and the other on the trunk, imitating the movement of your mouth. It will explode!

Movement for both

Lie side by side in position 69, with your head close to his penis. As the two licks each other, massage his and vice versa; there are several muscles there, so rubbing them will give you more pleasure.